How Do I Know If Sod Is Right For Me?

At Roots ‘N Shoots, we are very meticulous about ensuring your yard comes out exactly the way you want it. When deciding between the different options for your new lawn, it’s helpful to know the benefits that each option provides.

If you’re considering sod installation, here are some of the benefits you’ll experience:

  • Sod provides an instant lawn: Because you don’t have to grow the grass yourself, simply have a professional install your sod and you’ll have a complete looking lawn in no time.
  • It roots quickly: After installation, sod will take to the new ground in two to three weeks. This allows it to become established much quicker than seed options.
  • Limit the amount of weeds: Professional installation of high-quality sod will ensure there are less gaps and give your sod the competitive advantage over invading weeds.
  • Kentucky Blue Grass Sod Offers: Protection from Sun and Shaded Areas so you never have to worry about the grass not growing.

Choose Roots ‘N Shoots For Residential Or Commercial Sod Installation

Whether you have a plan to install sod for a new construction project, or any particular area of your existing lawn, Roots ‘n Shoots spreads its magic well to go beyond your expectations.

We are fully capable of handling all sorts of commercial and residential sod installation services from Chelmsford to Newton!

From start to finish, we have taken the time to polish the process of a sod project to ensure complete satisfaction because this is what makes us feel happy.

So, if you’re installing sod look no further as we are here to transform your dream into a reality.

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