New Lawn Installation

Our Chelmsford Landscape Design and Masonry Construction Company is not just affordable, but completely unique at the same time. Implementing outdoor living spaces with Kentucky Blue Grass Sod.

We start with a Free No-Obligation Quote, listening to your thoughts, questions, concerns on how you want to improve your outdoor living space and replace your burnt or diseased grass.

Installing a New Lawn with Roots ‘n Shoots is the answer to all your concerns. The Kentucky Blue Grass Sod that we install is very hearty and exquisite for the New England weather. The Lush Green Kentucky Blue Grass Color is simply One of a Kind. Do you have shaded areas where your grass will not grow? You won’t have to worry anymore about that if you hire Roots ‘n Shoots. New Lawn Installation is one of our many areas of expertise and you can view our 143 Ratings and Reviews from Homeowner’s just like you, by clicking here: Roots ‘n Shoots-Home Advisor’s Page

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