A lot of the services we offer are unique to our customer’s wants, needs, and desires. For this reason, we go over with the client on ideas of how we can make this go smoothly. After an initial phone call with a potential client, we visit the property evaluate what needs to get done, and we proceed to create an estimate. We offer If you like our design, we will then do a more detailed and comprehensive design, and narrow down a cost for the project. The building process is intended to be informative and enjoyable for the customer throughout. At this point, we will begin creating hardscapes or installations that are necessary, from initial grading to constructing all the elements such as patios, walkways, retaining walls, solid granite steps, new lawns, etc. At this point in the process, it will be especially important that we are in close coordination with the customer to ensure nothing gets overlooked. When spending this much time and effort on a landscape, it’s important to make sure it is properly maintained to ensure your investment won’t deteriorate. Contact Stevhan at 617-862-7498 or via E-mail at Stevhan@Rootsnshoots.com

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