A beautiful landscape, especially one with handcrafted masonry, can be a joy to behold. If you want exceptional landscaping, including masonry construction, for your property in Lexington, MA, Roots ‘N Shoots can help.

What We Provide

Roots ‘N Shoots is dedicated to providing stunning, personalized landscapes. We do this with synthetic turf, where you can achieve a green lawn instantly, or sod that works with the weather. Additionally, we can help design the landscape layout you want.

Do you want some beautiful hardscapes? We help with those as well. We provide stone masonry construction for patios, walkways, steps, and retaining walls. We can even excavate parts of your property to work with the landscape you want.

Whatever you want to achieve with your landscape, we are here to help.

Why We Are Different

We want to strive to be a quality landscaping company that stands above the rest. We do this with our years of experience, dedication to the environment, commitment to your satisfaction, and adherence to quality products. Landscaping can be an investment, so we want to make it a worthwhile investment.

If you want to learn more, please call us today at 617-862-7498 for your free estimate.